Here is an egg.

ChatZilla Easter egg

ChatZilla Easter egg

It is a simple egg, decorated with 20 smileys, and counting…Mmm… Counting?

This egg is made of the original ChatZilla smiley icons from Lim Chee Aun. ( )


What is ChatZilla?

Good question! The answer is: It’s an IRC client, or software.

Let’s start at the very beginning, and study in details the anatomy of the first ChatZilla window, right out of the box, without any plugin or motif, all naked.

ChatZilla window anatomy (*client* tab)

So, let’s see the important bits here.


  • The cZ icon, and the window title, saying “ChatZilla!”. In case you’re wondering, the cZ icon uses the font Cooper Black Outline BT.
  • The very important MENU BAR, to make your life easier.

Second, we find a TAB, the very first TAB, which is called *client*. It has 3 parts:

  • The Header, which tells you important things, like the number of built-in or connected networks, the ChatZilla release number, etc.,
  • The Userlist, on the left for now, and it’s empty,
  • All the rest, which will be the chat area. There are things written in the *client* TAB, these things are important to read, at least once!

And, of course, we see also:

    • The Name of the tab, at the bottom left corner. (*client*, here)

Third, we find:

  • YOU! Well, not you, but your default nick. If you connect to a network without chosing another nick, you’ll be known as that, the nick which shows here on the *client* tab.
  • The Input Box. It works pretty much like a URL bar: you type stuff in it, and the stuff is sent to the chat area that you are currently viewing.
  • An arrow pointing to the top.

Fourth, and last:

  • Something which looks like a worm: it’s the connect icon, which tells you if you’re connected to the Internet, or not.

That is all!

Next, we’ll study the anatomy of a network TAB, and how to get there.