February 2008

Great News, happy Few (I mean, Reader(s))!

 Yesterday, a new version of ChatZilla was released!

We are proud to offer you an insight of this new release, namely a Polaroid snapshot taken on the Internet, just for you:

Polaroid - Insight of ChatZilla 0.9.81

If you want to learn more about these poor little trapped bugs, and about the new features, you’ll find all the details here.
That is all.

Found on the Internet:

A ChatZilla fan hacking it to make it reconnect faster in case the first attempt fails!

Oooohhhhhhhh…  If they start doing this, where will they stop?

We need a Hacking category. And a Wishlist. Meanwhile, you can use this hack.

That is all.

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      • Wish things to fill in Wishlist

    ChatZilla 0.9.80 release introduces a great innovation: the Dungeons And Dragon tabs.

    Here is a picture of what the game looks like:

    Tabby MOnZters

    Dungeons are optional of course, you can supply them yourself. But at least one gecko MOnZter is included.

    Drag-and-dropping the tabs is fun, and it can be useful too. You can reorder your tabs in any order, alphabetical, activitical, randomical…, anything you like:

    DnD tabs

    Also, if you’re lucky enough to run an OS which supports it (so, not Windows 2000), you will see a transparent copy of the tab being dragged:

    Chatzilla tabs - Drag and Drop

     ChatZilla transparent copy of tab being dragged

    Of course, being transparent, the copy of the tab is rather hard to capture on a screenshot, but you get the idea. Now, have fun!

     That is all!

    N.B.: The Tabby MOnZterz are from the Mozilla Museum , the Dungeons are open source SVG cliparts from OCAL – Open Clipart Library.